Flats for sale in Borivali East are quite in demand.

One of the major dreams of every young couple is to have their own house in pocket friendly budget. Indian real estate these days is ringing with two words – affordable house. There are many affordable flats for sale in Borivali East which can match their demands. At present, affordable homes segment is being launched by almost every developer to get a share of this big marketplace.

So what does pocket friendly flats for sale in Borivali East offer? Is it a cost benefit in remote location with reduced amenities?
Well, this is what most think and get misled. Smart planning is the key objective to make homes that are cost effective and affordable, without hammering the cost of quality living. Elegant and well planned designer affordable homes are high on amenities and offerings, but low on cost. So here are five MUSTs for efficient and smart affordable homes.
1.  Space Management – Home is all about your managing space and thus planning is critical. Every space has to make functional sense to the owner. By planning the spaces in the home efficiently, the overall cost of the unit would reduce. However, it will retain the same functionality as that of a larger space.
2. Site – For a project to be affordable, the land on which it is built has to be affordable to the developer. This is possible if the land is on the potential peripheral growth corridors of the city where commercial, retail and social infrastructure expansion is planned. This ensures that it would be close to offices and also have connectivity to the city in the future. Such lands are cheaper to acquire and construct for the developer which automatically translates into lower cost to the consumer but not lowering of living standards. Flats for sale in Borivali East are quite in demand, due to their location factor.
3. Specifications – In an affordable home, it is easy to reduce costs by using low grade finishing specifications. However, by smartly selecting them, the overall feel of the affordable unit can be maintained as any regular residential infrastructure. For example, by using quality smaller tile sizes in a small bathroom would create a sense of volume which would make the bathroom look bigger. Careful selection of finishing items is the key to keeping the quality intact and yet affordable.
4. Maintenance – A project in which flats for sale in Borivali East is truly affordable only if the owner is not burdened with huge maintenance costs in future, which would be a pain in their day to day life. In order to achieve this, careful selection of facilities and general services is required. This means only those amenities and services that are low on maintenance and have multipurpose use should be planned.
5. Tax benefits – As the government in India is striving hard for realizing ‘Housing for all’, they have proposed a lot of tax incentives to buyers and developers to support this vision. If the size of the unit is restricted to 60 sq.mt., there is a tax exemption on the consumer end. This would make the overall cost of the unit lower and add to its affordability.
Home buyers can also look for 1,2,4bhk flat in Khar,if they want to spend in luxury property.Major developers  such as are Lodha, Godrej, Suntech, Paradigm Realty, RNA, Kohinoor developers, etc. in the field of a low-budget residential segment. Affordable properties like Ariana Residency and Casa Palazzo Residency by Paradigm Realty are available at Borivali East.